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Welcome, Alexandrians! Are you concerned about the quality of your air, water, and home systems? North Star Environmentals is here to help you create a healthier, safer home environment with our comprehensive range of environmental testing and inspection services in Alexandria, VA. We’re proud to serve Alexandria and surrounding areas, ensuring peace of mind for residents like you. Contact us today at (855)994-3400 to request a free quote or schedule online now.

Get a Trusted Inspection by a 3rd Party Company in Alexandria, VA

 Choosing North Star Environmentals is a decision rooted in trust and objectivity. As a third-party, unbiased environmental services company, our commitment is solely to providing accurate assessments without any vested interest in remedy work. Our independence ensures that you receive impartial and reliable information about the condition of your property, whether it’s a radon testsewer scope inspectionmold assessment, or water testing. By entrusting us with your environmental needs, you gain access to a team of certified experts dedicated to delivering unbiased results, empowering you to make informed decisions for the health and safety of your space. At North Star, our focus is on transparency, professionalism, and your peace of mind, making us the ideal choice for those seeking objective and trustworthy environmental assessments. 

We offer a variety of services in RichmondCharlottesvilleHarrisonburgWaynesboroStauntonGloucesterHenrico CountyChesterfield County, and surrounding areas. 

Sewer Scope Inspections

 Avoid costly plumbing surprises with a proactive video inspection of your sewer line, identifying potential leaks and blockages before they cause major problems. 

Alexandria, VA Mold & Indoor Air Quality Assessments

Alexandria, VA Mold & Indoor Air Quality Assessments

 Uncover hidden mold problems and potential health risks with our meticulous inspection and sampling process. 

Total Particle Analysis

Identify and quantify airborne particles like mold spores, pollen, dust, and pet dander to understand your indoor air quality. 

Alexandria, VA Swimming Pool Inspections

Alexandria, VA Swimming Pool Inspections

Ensure your pool’s safety and compliance with thorough inspections covering structural integrity, equipment function, and chemical balance. 

Water Tests

 Get a complete picture of your water quality with testing for a range of contaminants, including bacteria, lead, nitrates, and arsenic. 

Alexandria, VA Radon Tests & Radon in Water Tests

Alexandria, VA Radon Tests & Radon in Water Tests

 Protect your family from the invisible threat of radon gas, which can enter your home through the groung or your water supply. 

Why Choose North Star Environmentals?

Experienced & Certified Professionals

 Our team of highly trained and certified inspectors and technicians are passionate about your health and safety. 

Advanced Technology

 We utilize cutting-edge equipment and testing methods to deliver the most accurate and reliable results. 

Statewide Coverage

From the bustling cities to the serene countryside, we proudly serve clients across the entire state of Virginia. 

Comprehensive Reports & Recommendations

 We provide clear, easy-to-understand reports with actionable recommendations for improving your home’s environment. 

Unwavering Commitment to Customer Service in Alexandria, VA

 We prioritize your needs and concerns, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. 

 Ready to Get Started in Alexandria? Contact North Star Environmentals today for a free quote or to schedule your service. We’re here to help you breathe easy and live safe in your Alexandria home. Call us at (855) 994-3400 to learn more.

North Star Environmentals serves RichmondCharlottesvilleHarrisonburgWaynesboroStauntonGloucesterHenrico CountyChesterfield CountyLoudoun CountyWoodbridge, and surrounding areas. For service in outlying areas, please call our office. Contact us today for a free quote by calling (855) 994-3400 or schedule online now.

 North Star Environmentals – Your Trusted Partner for Environmental Excellence in Alexandria, VA. 

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